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It is with a great sense of hope and pride that I am writing this address to my readers, my students, and my colleagues. Hope, because I find myself among the very best in the field, and pride, because I wish to raise your best to one notch higher. Yes, we can do it, yes, we will do it.

You have reached a point in your life, dear students, where you must choose and where you must decide. For the choices and decisions you make now will be your life long determinants. The world today is expanding at unbelievable rates, in unimaginable ways. You should be ready for all possibilities. Develop springs to your steps and catch the starts. And why not ? The whole world today is looking at us in India for its solutions, for its salvation.

So whatever field you choose to walk in now, you must realize that there are no short-cuts to success , no quick-fix remedies for life’s problems. Sometimes, you may fail in some of your action, but this should not dishearten you, and should not make you choose wrong means. Failure, dear readers, is just like a spice which fills success with fragrance.

A truly successful person is one who works hard to get his aim and is always ready to face struggles at every step. What we need. what saves us when things start going wrong is our character, is our faith in ourselves, and is our belief in the goodness of life ? For, surely, God throws us into deep waters not to drown us, but to cleanse us. For, surely, when misfortunes close one door on us, fortune opens another door to us.

This is what education is: not a mere cramming of some information, some examination-related facts form your syllabus but a preparation, a readiness to establish we-relationship, symbiotic relationship with the world. Adopt a flexible, relaxed attitude, not a complaining, fault-finding, fear-ridden approach. Education is what separates the adolescent form the mature. It is what transforms a boy into a man, a girl into a woman. It is what adds quality to life, not merely numbers. Do strive to achieve your targets but be mindful of the means you adopt. Truth will never fail you, pretensions will never help you. Make nobility your career; make honesty your mission. Think of yourself but do not be forgetful of others.

I, along with my colleagues in this college, have decided to provide you with the best of facilities. It will be up to you to make use of these facilities, to use these facilities as ladders to reach the highest points in your career. Here in this college we hope to inculcate in you some positive, wholesome qualities, you have entered this college in a spirit of expectation and faith. You should leave this college in a spirit of achievement and determination, your stay here is a sort of Tapasaya, a process where you will have to shift the noble from the dross, truth from falsehood. We shall do our best to help you achieve your dream.    




Dr. Subhash Mansa


Defence Degree College, Tohana